Open for Business (1981)

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          It started out with a married couple selling tacos in the streets of Los Angeles in 1980. The response was overwhelming! That couple entered a partnership in January of 1981 by renting a small building in an apartment complex in the city of Maywood. The place had one long table with 11 seats. The place was so small the partners decided to call the place Little Mexico (Mexico Chiquito). 

          In the beginning all they sold were tacos. On occasion they would sell other foods for a limited time. Like any new business it was difficult to get the word out to new customers. Little by little people were hearing about this small place with great tacos. The business grew simply through word of mouth! It has become a normal hangout today to so many people (Many of them who became customers our very first year).

          As the years past our menu grew with Burritos, Menudo (famous Mexican soup) and Birria (Stew). Our Burritos have become our signature specialty.  The menu remains small to focus on the quality of our foods.

          That same married couple (selling tacos on the streets of LA) have since then become full owners. The building has grown a bit (but is still pretty small). Generations of families still come here. The place is truly LA's biggest secret!

Closing Time (1981)

Making the best tacos! (1981)